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Ketamine therapy promotes healthy progression for treatment-resistant depression and anxiety.

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Do you ever feel like you are in a losing battle with depression? Does it impair your ability to work, manage your home, maintain close relationships, or participate in social outings? Have you tried multiple antidepressants, none of which seem to be effective?

You are not alone. An estimated 17.3 million (or 7%) of adults in the United States suffer from major depression – 300 million people worldwide. Here’s the thing: Not everyone who is depressed responds to standard treatments of antidepressant therapy, etc. Traditional treatments fail on over 30% of patients. These medications are ineffective, the effects fade over time, and they carry significant side-effects which leaves patients without hope.

If you are one of the many who have failed to respond to standard treatments, there is hope. Research shows that low doses of ketamine administered intravenously (ketamine infusions) can rapidly relieve depressive symptoms.

Ketamine Infusions

Ketamine goes beyond treating the mere symptoms and focuses on healing the mind from its core. It allows for the mind to take control of itself, enabling it to slowly heal.

Power Infusions

Intravenous NAD+ therapy is incredibly efficient in revitalizing the cells and neurons of our body-- it works quickly to restore them back to their original state.

Ketamine Integration

Integration is reflecting and acting upon the insights and lessons learned during the keta infusion. Sharing and implementing their experience can change your everyday life.
Ketamine Therapy Tampa

Why choose Complete Ketamine Solutions as your provider?

Complete Ketamine Solutions offers our life-changing infusions as one of the MOST AFFORDABLE clinics in the country – while utilizing the highest quality protocols that surpass most clinics’ offerings by over 30%.

Complete Ketamine Solutions provides the absolute best service in the industry. Every patient will have the private cell number of their provider, allowing convenient 24/7 access for questions, concerns, medication management and scheduling.
We provide the most advanced set of protocols.
We offer more hours of ketamine infusion time.
We specialize in providing ketamine therapy, which ensures the very best results from your ketamine experience.
Our providers are members of the ASKP – American Society of Ketamine Providers..

Effective Depression Treatmeant

Ketamine is an ideal solution for treating depression, especially Treatment-Resistant Depression, PTSD, Mood Irregularities, Bi Polar Tendencies, Chronic Pain, Anxiety, and Addiction.

Relief It's Possible

Complete Ketamine Solutions is an Evidence-Based Center of Excellence, rooted in the recent scientific findings that low-dose ketamine infusions are effective in treating treatment-resistant depression (TRD). Through our work with TRD patients, we will use data we obtain to measure results, to further research, and to improve patient outcomes. Complete Ketamine Solutions is a learning organization, remaining abreast of the most recent science in mental health and expanding services as we learn and grow.

In alignment with our commitment to providing the most cutting edge evidence-based depression treatment, we are pleased to now offer Ketamine Integration services. Our integration specialist is trained in psychedelic therapies to provide a potentially more well rounded and positive ketamine healing journey.
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