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About Complete Ketamine Solutions Tampa

Complete Ketamine Solutions is an Evidence-Based Center of Excellence, and we look forward to serving you.

Complete Ketamine Solutions

our goal is for our patients to succeed.

Through innovation, we bring you the latest holistic treatment options.
Complete Ketamine Solutions Tampa began not only to improve patient lives, but from personal beginnings. It was our true passion to help others that our vision, commintment and clinic came to life. We have experienced loved ones with severe depression and even suicide. It was through this that we felt a true calling to help those suffering from pain, depression and anxiety.

Our organization is the creation of a group of medical and mental health specialists, whose goal and mission is to restore hope and the ability to function to those for whom standard treatments – i.e., medication, therapy, etc. – have not been effective.

With knowledge of the millions of people suffering with depression, as well as increasing rates of suicide, we are focused on improving patient outcomes and furthering research on the efficacy of ketamine infusion therapy in the treatment of refractory depression.

Ready for a Better U?

Learn how a personalized treatment approach may help you break free and create a tomorrow full of infinite possibilities.
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