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Ketamine For Depresion
And Anxiety

There can be a strong correlation between anxiety and depression, leading to a mix of emotions such as deep sadness, the feeling of utter hopelessness or the idea of feeling worthless.

Ketamine Infusion for Treatment Resistant Depression & Anxiety

Treatment-resistant depression, or TRD, is a widely recognized term within the field of clinical psychiatry. It specifically refers to cases where individuals suffering from depressive disorders like Major Depressive Disorder and Bipolar Disorders do not experience sufficient improvement even after trying two different types of antidepressant medications. This term helps clinicians better understand and address the challenges faced by patients who are not responding as expected to traditional treatment approaches.Extensive research conducted over the past two decades consistently demonstrates the remarkable effectiveness of low doses of intravenous ketamine in providing rapid relief from depressive symptoms. This breakthrough treatment option has shown significant promise, particularly for patients who have not responded to conventional forms of depression therapy.

At our organization, we deeply understand and value the uniqueness of each patient. We recognize that individual responses to ketamine infusions may differ depending on various factors. It's worth noting that ketamine infusion therapy has emerged as a groundbreaking treatment in mental health, offering unparalleled effectiveness - a significant milestone in this field after more than five decades.

Some patients may experience immense relief after one infusion, most will experience relief after the 3rd or 4th infusion, while others may notice their depressive symptoms subside up to 7 - 10 days following their treatment.

Ketamine infusion treatment at Complete Ketamine Solutions Tampa will initially consist of 3/1-hour infusions and 3/2-hour infusions over the course of 14 - 18 days. Within this time frame, our team will work with you to monitor the efficacy of each treatment, provide you with support, and collaborate with your primary mental health provider (if you so choose) to assist you in achieving the greatest possible outcome.

Ketamine Infusion Therapy

With much research ketamine has been shown to be very effective on the following types of depression & anxiety:
Treatment Resistant Depression (MDD)
Bipolar Depression (BPD)
Depression from Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)
Panic Disorder
Phobia-related Disorders

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